At the age of 24, despite living on my own, living abroad, spending a year in a managerial role, I repeatedly failed to summon confidence in my actions. I could not legitimately make any decisions without second guessing myself. Anything I wanted to do, any decision I wanted to take, I was unable to do so by myself. I always depended on friends and family to push me in the right direction. 


In February 2015, I made the decision to fly to Los Angeles to do my yoga teacher training. LA was the city that brought out my passion, energy and intensity towards yoga and the health of our mind and bodies.


I completed my 200 Hour Power Yoga training with Corepower. That decision was the first step in my self-trust.


Today, I am the most confident version of myself. I have learned to trust myself and believe in every decision I take. I have learned to be gentle to myself and to be accepting of whatever occurs. Yoga has taught me so much, not only physically but most importantly, mentally. It has increased my self awareness and strengthened my will power. Each time I step onto my mat, I am continuously challenged by both my mind and body. 


I hope yoga can do for you what it has done for me; whatever that may be. Teach you more about your true being, discover your real potential, and transform you into the most authentic version of yourself. 






[NB: Na-ma-ste: the light in me honors the light in you..]


Whether you are a straight up beginner or a full on yogi, join me on the following days for a strengthening and invigorating vinyasa flow. Connecting the mind and body to the rhythm of your own breath. Releasing tightness & tension and as a result creating space & expansiveness within!

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Offering private 1-1 or mixed group classes online on Zoom.

Work hard, dream big, Savasana often

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