Your body is naturally designed to detox around the clock, every single day. However, we are SO overloaded with toxins in our day to day lives - both mentally and physically, we often feel sluggish, bloated, stressed, and ultimately overwhelmed.

We remove toxins through our circulatory, digestive and lymphatic systems. With Yoga we are able to remove waste such as carbon dioxide, lactic acid& lymphatic fluid from our bodies and in return replenish our organs with FRESH oxygenated & nutrient rich blood.

How does Yoga help the detox process?


This is a big one. Not only do twisting poses help restore our spine's natural range of motion, but they are a major factor in cleansing our organs.

When we twist, our organs (liver, kidneys, intestines, stomach, spleen, gall bladder) are being compressed. Blood flow is blocked in this region and once the twist is released, fresh oxygenated & nutrient filled blood is pumped back to these organs. As a result, twists are great for stimulating circulation throughout the body.


Chest openers like Camel and Wheel Pose are a great way to release stagnation in the body. These poses allow our lungs to expand fully and encourage deep breathing to eliminate carbon dioxide, lactic acid, and other wastes


With forward bends there is a slight compression on the abdomen which stimulates the intestines and aids our body in releasing toxins from the digestive tract.

yoga pose


Any inversions where our head is below the heart directly has a calming affect on our nervous system - it is a mental detox, releasing stress, sadness and fear.

Inversions such as Legs up the wall or Headstand, drain accumulated lymph fluid from the legs and recirculate through the body. The thyroid gland is also stimulated in these inversions, which in turn boosts the metabolism!

So what does this all mean?

With the right diet and exercise we are able to take care of our organs to enhance the detoxification process. With a regular yoga practice you will have a better metabolism, better immunity, you will feel more energised, healthier & definitely happier!

Feeling like an extra detox? Join me Sundays 9PM at Four Seasons Hotel Doha for a juicy detox flow! See you on the mat.

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